Micah Huang


Zara makes a surprise appearance @ Racer Sessions feat. Ebony Miranda

Zara Sings about our time. Zara: "My time is so barren, and yours so rich... I never knew there were so many possibilities, things to enjoy and desire, and reasons to never be satisfied."

Zara Thustra

time Traveller

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Zara Thustra: Time Traveller is an immersive, one-person musical, and has been referred to as "Genderqueer Punk Theater." 

In the year 2552, humanity is (or rather, will be) facing extinction. Over 400 years have passed since the Final War, and the resources needed to sustain human life have run out.

     As a last resort, the High Priestess Ashera-Hel has sent one of her concubines, Zara Thustra, on a desperate mission: to take an ancient Time Machine and travel back in time in an attempt to prevent The War from happening.

     Two problems have arisen 1) Zara doesn't know how They're supposed to stop The War. They're trying to figure it out, but it's hard. after all, it seems like nobody knows exactly what to do. 2) After a series of adventures travelling through time, the time machine has mysteriously stopped working in 2017–less than a century before the war is due to begin.

     Now Zara is roaming the 21st century, singing songs and telling stories about Their adventures, Their own time, and Their experience of ours. Through it all, Zara is trying to figure out how to stop the war... or whether it's already too late.