Micah Huang


Yoga + Live Music

One of my favorite places to play music is in Yoga classes. Live music adds an element of spontaneity and interactivity to Vinyasa and Power Yoga classes; It's like a playlist that reacts to the teacher's instructions and students' energy.

I've been studying Yoga since 2009, focusing primarily on the Iyengar method in the last few years, but still attending flow classes once in a while. My experience as a student helps me shape music to fit the sequence, sonically embodying the energy of each pose. I play at studios as a solo act, like in the video above, but my preference is to play with one or two other musicians who are experienced in Yoga. Emma Gies is a frequent collaborator.

The energy of a group of people actively striving for balance, flow and self-refinement is a powerful tonic for everyone involved. Music serves to enhance and highlight what is already there, and makes the class, workshop or special event a unique and memorable experience. If you are a teacher or studio owner interested in collaborating on an event, please contact me via the "Contact" page on this site or at 1micahhuang@gmail.com.