Micah Huang



 Photo by Jacqueline Legazcue

Photo by Jacqueline Legazcue


Music, Image, Story

Micah Huang is a musician and performance artist, currently residing in Cambridge, MA. He has performed and had pieces featured on programs throughout the USA and in Europe, and is currently pursuing his MA in Music Composition at Tufts University.

As a solo performer, Micah has toured the west coast under the alias "Zara Thustra: Time Traveller," exploring the intersection of dark comedy, social commentary and immersive theater. His collaborative work is wider ranging, with recent projects including Scripps College's ArtSmooch (2/2018) with poet Angie Estes, and concerts featuring Tufts University's John McDonald. Upcoming projects include underscoring for a dance video by Choreographer Julie Doten, a collaborative piece with Bang on a Can's Robert Black.

Micah is a member of Psychopomp Contemporary Ensemble, which features structured improvisations that cross genre boundaries from traditional Taoist tunes, to Classical classics and the vernacular musics of late-capitalist America. He received his BA from Pitzer College in 2013, and was a Fulbright Fellow to Hungary the following year. His teachers have included Genoa Keawe, John York, (formerly of the Byrds and Mamas & the Papas), Jack Sanders, Cusito Penalevar (Rumberos de Cuba), Joe Addington, Bill Alves, Nyoman Wenten, and John McDonald.


Micah likes to do things outside, and is less than found of pretentious things like bios.